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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

First First Grade Field Trip = Success!

Went on my first First Grade field trip today to our City's Aquarium and I was completely TERRIFIED! I'm talking NIGHTMARES, people! LOL. I dreamed that one of my bad listeners went to pet a shark and it gobbled him right up! LOL. Thank God it was just a dream; I was stressing! Don't get me wrong, I've been on field trips in previous years, but NEVER with firsties! They sure give you a run for your money! Holy Guacamole!!! I'm exhausted, but relieved that ZERO students were lost (or eaten by sharks! Lol.) in the process! Woot woot!! Because we had such a successful field trip, I'm in charge of planning the next field trip and would love suggestions as to where to take a group of first graders that is both fun and educational at the same time. Chicago has a bunch of amazing museums and a wonderful planetarium, but these places are always SOOOO PACKED! Would love to take them somewhere low key.
Please Leave a comment with your wonderful ideas!

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