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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Hi, Guys! Three months of absolute summer bliss have gone by without me updating my blog once! What kind of a blogger am I?! Obviously, not a very good one =(. Now that I've successfully made it through the 3rd week of school, I thought I'd FINALLY dust off the Mac Book Pro and get back into the swing of all Bloggy related things. =)

Some changes have occurred since my last post:

1) One of my First Grade Team Members was not renewed for this school year (we are ALL heart broken!) =( [on a positive note, she is now teaching 2nd grade else where!)
2) I now teach a 1st and 2nd Multiage Classroom (Concern: they are all over the place academically.... I need HELP!)
3) We got a new P.E. Teacher and he is Smokin' HOT. =) (Yummy! Note to self: We see with our eyes, not with our hands (or lips). Lol).

On a positive note, I don't think I've enjoyed summer this much since I was a child! I'm not your get your "get your hair wet in the pool" kinda girl, but I realized something new.... in order for you to enjoy yourself, getting your hair wet is a MUST! Lol.

Summer Lovin': My Top 10

1: Teaching my son how to swim!!!

2: Not doing 1 single thing that was work related

3: Turning 29!

4. Finally finding a good recipe for lemon cupcakes!

5. Going to the "I Teach First!" conference (National First Grade Teachers Conference) here in Chicago!

6. Reading the 50 Shades Trilogy and falling in love with a Character that I would probably DESPISE in real life. Lol.

7. Getting a Hoola Hoop as a B-Day present and learning how to hoola hoop all over again! =)

8. Buying a bathing suit that made my boobs look good (after nursing my son as long as I did [2.5 years!] my girlies aren't where they're supposed to be [the bathing suit works wonders!]).

9. Recovering from my Facebook Addiction!

10. The fact that my Pitty survived a heat stroke after being forgotten outside during the heat wave by my dear husband! I almost killed him!

Do you have a Top 10 Things of Summer List? Please share!

As you may have guessed, since I didn't update my blog, I also did not check my emails; when I finally did, however, I was pleasantly surprised to be given the
Award by TWO AMAZING individuals: Amanda Nehring over at Multilingual Multiage and Jessica Hubble over at Glitzy in 1st Grade
The Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you - Thank you Amanda and Jessica! You Ladies R-O-C-K!
2. Include a link to their site - 10-4!
3. Include the award image in your post - YOU GOT IT!
4. Give 7 random facts about yourself - They are under the rules... scroll down. =)
5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award - Scroll down a little more (get your body going on the dance floor... )
6. When nominating, include a link to their site - Yes, mam!
7. Let other bloggers know they've been nominated - "you are the next contestant on the Price is Right!"

My 7 Random Facts go a little something like this:

1) I love to bake! I bake for fun and only do it when I want to relax.

Here are some Blueberry Crumb MuffinsPhotobucket
Banana Bread Straight Outta the Oven
Rhubarb Pie with rhubarb straight from my sisters garden!
2) I can make a kick ass Flan... holla! =)
3) I was on the Bozo Show when I was in 4th Grade!
4) I have a 5 year old son that is fascinated with the word "vagina"! (Hey, the rules said "RANDOM")
5) I can't seem to avoid pot holes or speed bumps in this lovely city I call "HOME"
6) I own a lawn mower, but don't know how to use it so I shamelessly pay a landscaper to mow my lawn for me.
7) I am a bilingual teacher in Chicago and yet, I'm embarrassed to say the only Spanish my son knows he learned from Diego and Dora. =(

Moving on to Rule Number 5: And the Nominees are (drumroll, please).....
1. Alexis @ 1st Grade Dual Language Diva
2. Amanda @ One Extra Degree
3. Mynda @ B is for Bilingual
4. Christie @ First Grade Fever
5. Melissa @ Learning Start Here
6. Sandra @ Sweet Times in First
7. Linsay @ First Grade With a Twist
8. Michele @ Multiage Moments
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10. Karen @ Teaching & Learning in Spanish
11. Ms. Zamorano @ Ms. Zamorano's Spanglish Adventures
12. Mrs. Williamsn @ Welcome to Room 36
13. Susana @ Fun-Key Dual Language for First Grade
14.Melissa @ The Enlightened Elephant
15. Isabel @ Lapicero Magico

Alright Ladies start running your engines because finding new bloggers is
H-A-R-D (I posted bloggers that were new to ME!) =) Have fun with it

I think I've caught you up on my life these past three months! Thank you for being so patient with me!!!

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