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Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanskgiving =)

I'm on a roll with a second post in November... say what?!? Lol.
Happy belated Thanksgiving Bloggy Friends! I hope your Thanksgiving was Fantabulous... more than likely, you all are working off the extra pounds by doing some Black Friday shopping for yourselves, the family, and the non-related little ones. I'm sure the deals are amazing, but I value my life waaaay too much to risk getting trampled by all those crazy deal hunters.... call me crazy but I rather pay full price. =)

Top 10 Things I'm Thankful for this year...

10. My alarm clock: God only knows how hard it is for me to wake up in the morning.
9. My neighborhood Dunkin Donuts: I go there so often that when I pull up, the guy pretty much says my order before I do and I’m outta there in NO TIME.

8. Starbucks: even though they require more of my bucks, their hot latte’s are incredible and always at the perfect temperature!

7. My Pathfinder: OK, so it finds more potholes than actual paths, but it gets me to work and right back home AND keeps my bottom warm in the brutal cold.

6. Facebook: It keeps me in contact with the people that actually matter in my life, aside from my immediate family.

5. My Dog: her looks alone make people weary and I know that as long as she’s around, not only will I be “safe” but also, there will never be any leftovers.

4. My job: My coworkers continue to be amazing and my students are incredible this year… except for one or two. Lol.

3. For old and new friends both online and offline: Let's face it, as teachers we are SUPER busy and it's nice that there are people that help you stay grounded and keep you from losing your mind half of the time... it's also nice knowing that I'm not the only one going through those things. Thank you Blog friends for helping keep the sanity under control. =)

2. My family: They support my decisions and I love them for it.

1. My Incredible Little Boy: he’s makes me laugh, he’s smart, he’s talented… he’s me in a nutshell. lol.

OK, enough yapping and onto my original reason for this post...

Every month we have family projects. Our project for November was our Turkeys in Disguise Family Project. Have you had your students and their families disguise paper turkeys before? The results are AMAZING!

I usually kick off the project by reading the following book:

It's about a Turkey that knows he'll probably be eaten for Thanksgiving so he decides to disguise himself as other farm animals. It's such a CUTE book!

Then, We send home a family letter pleading to help us save the turkeys (along with the turkey template):

And TADA!!!!!!! You get the most incredible results! Some are better than others... can you figure out what they are? My favorite is the very last one! Lol.

Did you guess the last one? Lol. It's Psy... the Singer and creator of Gangnam Style!

Good Kids + Good Parents + Good Teacher = Good Combo =)