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Sunday, August 18, 2013

A New School Year Starts tomorrow =/

Hello, Abandoned Friends! I can't believe the new school year begins tomorrow. Luckily it's just a week filled with staff meetings, so it doesn't feel like "work" just yet. In Chicago, it didn't really feel like Summer. It was pretty cold compared to last year so it kinda sucked. I didn't get to go to the pool at all (actually, I'm lying about this... I went to Vegas for the Differentiation Conference and snuck out to the pool twice). Bummer. On the bright side, I did get to spend time with my family, which is always nice. =)

Usually I have a Top 10 list, but since I only had a two and a half (yes, 2.5!) Week summer break, I could only come up with a Top 5.

Top 5 things of my Summer Break:

1) Spending time with my son and my husband.
2) Getting a puppy!
3) Going To Vegas
4) Buying a bicycle
5) Turning 30!

All good things are either too short, too expensive, or they make you fat. My summer break was all of the above! Lol.
Anywho, as I prepare my printables for the new year, I decided to share one with you.
Click HERE to get your Freebie!

If you like what you see, please let me know!

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