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Friday, September 27, 2013

A Couple of Spanglish Anchors

Hi guys!

It has been a month since the Little Ones began the school year and it feels like time is going by rather slow.... Perhaps thats just me. I have a sweet group of kids... but my, oh, my.... some are going to be the death of me. Lol.

We have been working very hard (albeit, a bit slow) at establishing routines and expectations. Then just this past week, I had a sub for two days so that I could IDEL and TRC my Littles and upon receiving my classroom back again, I realized all that hard work we put in these past couple of weeks was sucked right out of them by the sub. Nice guy; bad classroom management. Lol. (Please forgive my run-on sentences; I-AM-BEAT!)

Back to my reason for this post: anchor charts.
Why are anchors in Spanish sooooooo hard to find?!
I have my own board on Pinterest from all the great finds, but man o man, it has been tough! At this point, if I find something great in English, I try to make it in Spanish. These are just a few that are hanging on my walls now.... I'll be taking pics and adding more to this post as time goes on, but for now these are the only ones worth posting about.

This is translated from a chart I found on Pinterest. Forgive me if the link to the original pin is not posted , but I'm composing this post from the Blogger App and I'm still not familiar with it.  The chart is more of an anchored Rubric for creating detailed drawings or drawings that make you say "wow!" It has made a HUGE difference!
UPDATE: Click HERE for the original English Anchor

This one is not translated, I made this for my Littles as a reminder of the steps we should take during writing. Usually they have 5 steps, but I created 4 for two reasons: 1)I want them to have steps 1-4 down before we work on adding details to our words. 2)It's not a very large sheet so #5 didn't really fit. Lol.

Last, but not least, I created the infamous "3 ways to read a book" anchor. I originally found and created one similar to that of Krista's @ The Second Grade Super Kids and although her charts are AMAZING, her third step was "resumir el cuento" which is great and makes loads of sense, but to me "resumir" sounds closer "summarize" rather than "retell" so I changed it on mine. =)
Oh and also, I just noticed that you can see the one of the charts underneath this one. Oops. Lol.

Note: before theses charts were transferred to the chart paper, I wrote them (as I taught them) on our dry erase board as a draft first. When the mini lessons were done, I converted them to the charts above. There is no point in just throwing a chart on the wall if the kids don't really know what it is or why it's there.

Hope you guys have a restful weekend! =)

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