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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Calendar Math

Happy Saturday!

TGFIO- Thank God Friday Is OVER! Maybe one day I'll enjoy Fridays again... in the mean time... waaaaaah (in my Snookie voice). Lol.

I'll try to stick to the REAL reason for posting without going off on a tangent about some random thing. =)

Last year, when I taught my 1st/2nd split, I was looking for a way to incorporate calendar math in my daily routine without it being too babyish for my 2nd graders or too difficult for my 1st graders; I came across this Calendar Math/Number of the Day Sheet on TPT....
(If you want a copy of the above Calendar Sheet you can click HERE)

..... it was JUST what I needed.... EXCEPT..... I needed it in Spanish!

Random thought: Why is it so hard to find resources for such a large population?! Ugh!

The resource itself was perfect, so I did the next best thing I could... I translated it. =)

It's not IDENTICAL to the one above, but it is very similar.
Click HERE to grab your Calendar Math sheet in SPANISH! =)

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