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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hello October!

Hi, guys! As always, it's been a while. I hope you all are well!
I'm still here... alive... and ticking. =) I just have had my hands full lately taking care of my precious baby boy. He'll be 2 months old this Saturday and, although I am grateful that he is growing nice and healthy, I'm saddened that our time together will be coming to an end in 6 short weeks. =(

This is my baby boy! Isn't he precious?! Don't mind me... I didn't brush my hair this day. Side Note: The photo shoot was supposed to be baby ONLY. As you can see, I was NOT prepared to be in the picture! Lol.

Enough about mommyhood... I don't want to start crying mid-post. Lol.

I think in my previous post I may have mentioned that I was moved from a primary classroom to a 4th grade classroom (if I didn't mention it, I apologize. I was too lazy to check just now.) I'm still so saddened by that news. =( I'm trying to figure out how to win the lotto so I could skip this whole school year and go back for the 2015-2016 school year..... but I guess I should start playing first. Lol.

Would be nice, but a MILLION would be better!


In honor of our new month and my new addition, I decided to make a new set of Repeated Reading Task Cards for you to add to your bag of Spanglish Resources.
During the Cinco de Mayo Bilingual Blog Hop, I added a set of Spring Themed Repeated Reading Task Cards that, according to the feedback, were a big hit. This time around I've made a Fall Edition of those exact task cards.

Click HERE to get your very own sample of my new set!
Click HERE to purchase the Full Set of 20 Task Cards (Note: Product will be FREE for the next 24 hours Grab it while you can!)

Until NEXT TIME! Ta! Ta!

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