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Monday, May 14, 2012

Scholastic Dollar Deals

I always tend to JUST miss the Scholastic Dollar Deals and always end up kicking myself for "snoozing". Well, not this time! It's back and will be up and running til May 18th! I got such amazing goodies... I kid you not, about 115 eBooks!!! I know... I went a little crazy, BUT I used a coupon code that seems to be valid until today and saved 50%! I KNOW! =) Si hacen la suma, I spent $57 (made me feel less guilty!). So, Ladies and Gents, head on over to the Scholastic Teacher Express store and save 50% with code TEACHER50 (it expired on the 13th [yesterday] but I was able to use it today without a problem).

Click the image below to head straight there! =)

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