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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Funny Convos

Yikes! MIA yet again. So much to do, yet we have so little time. EOY testing is here! So far, my kids ROCK! =) I'm super excited for the end result; my only concern is when they have to count to 118 in a minute! Yes... count to 118 in one minute... un minuto.... 60 seconds! What?! How is that useful as an adult? I'm 28 and have NEVER had the need to count to 118 in one minute in my life! My poor firsties!

Moving on...
Kids are soooooo funny! I've had so many funny conversations with my students since the last post that I decided to share some with you. They may not make you laugh out loud, but I'm sure you'll crack a smile upon reading. =)

Conversation #1
Student: Ms. M, Como se llama ese animal que tiene boca grande y ojos azules?
Me: Cual animal, mi amor?
Student: Ese animal que tiene los ojos grandes y azules!
Me: Estas hablando de un Alaskan Husky? (That's the only animal I know with blue eyes)
Student: Creo que si
(Walks off and seconds later runs back)
Student: Ya recorde! Estaba hablando del Chupacabra!

LOL!!! What?! Does it really have blue eyes?! I would have NEVER guessed!

Convo #2
Student: Ms. M, puedo tomar agua?
Me: Ahorita no, pero cuando termines tu trabajo si podras.
Student: Es que... I have meatballs in my throat.
Me: (looking puzzled) OK, ve a beber un poco de agua.
(she gets her drink and comes back)
Student: Todavia tengo meatballs.
Me: Se me hace extraño que tengas albondigas en la garganta, ya que almorzaste un sandwich de jamon.
Student: (looking puzzled) Yo no dije que tenia albondigas, yo dije meatballs. Usted sabe... son igual que hippos (hippos in English)
Me: (even more confused) Hippos?! Tienes hipopótamos en la garganta?
Student: NO.... Usted sabe maestra... hippos!
(runs off to her table and I hear her ask, "como se dice 'I have the hippos?' en español". She apparently got her answer and comes back)
Student: Tengo hipo!
Me: OH!!! (laughing) Mi amor, hipo no se dice "hippos" ni "meatballs" en Ingles! Se dice "hiccups".

LOL!! She was so determined to explain this to me... I'm proud that she didn't give up. =) I gave her a sticker for her determination and allowed her to drink enough water to get those darned meatball hippos out of her throat. ;)

Convo #3 (more like a story w/ a convo)

We had a group of High School students come to our school through a program called Junior Achievement. They spend half a day teaching students different things that deal with the economy and the world around them. The young ladies that visited my classroom were teaching my Kiddos about Needs and Wants, Jobs, and communities. Well, in one of the lessons, they were showing my little ones pictures of different jobs and were asking what the job was and what the person that worked that job did; they showed them a picture of a teacher... here is how it went:

JA: Quien me puede decir cual es este trabajo?
Students (in unison): Una maestra!
JA: Muy bien. Es una maestra. Quien me puede decir que es lo que hace una maestra?
(I kid you not, 25 out of 27 shot up in the air! I was taken aback, then it occurred to me....)
ME: Damas y caballeros, APARTE de regañarlos.... que es lo que hace una maestra???
(20 out of those 25 hands came back down!!!)

I do it cuz I love them. =)


  1. Hilarious! You will be so glad you wrote these down. They are all great but I especially love the third one! :)

  2. Candis, aren't kids FUNNY? Lol. Glad I made you smile!

  3. I love the meatball/hippo story!! Too cute!! :)

    I'm your newest follower!

    Maestra Bilingue

    1. Lol. Glad you enjoyed these fun conversations! I'm sorry for my delayed response. Thank you for becoming a follower! I appreciate your support!