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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pattern Block Math Center, Anyone? =)

Buenas tardes, Damas y Caballeros! Lol. That's how I greet my little ones. I also tell them that men should be chivalrous at all times by always allowing ladies to go first. They had a bit of a problem with that idea at the beginning of the year, but now they are so used to it that they say, "Damas primero." as they direct them in the door. Lol. Their wives will thank me one day. =)

Back to business...
Sometime last week, I was looking for math activities in Bloggyland that I could incorporate into the Everyday Math Curriculum. We were on unit 7 which covers polygons and exploring patterns using pattern blocks. Many of the activities in the program involved the use of pattern blocks, but once the lesson was over that was it... it was over. I really wanted to find something that would allow their creative juices to flow and thought to myself "why not add these to a math center?" I know what you're thinking, "She barely came up with that NOW?!" Lol. You don't understand, this is my first year in first grade. Previously, I taught 3rd grade for 3 years and 4th grade for a few months before that. We didn't do math centers/stations in 3rd grade... it was all ISAT, ISAT, ISAT... DRILL, DRILL, DRILL.... Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. Lol. Centers for me are NEW.
Anywho, I did my usual "blog stalking" "nightly research" and came across this cool pattern block activity from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten. She shrunk some pattern block designs that she had come across previously and created a response worksheet to go along with it so that students had work to show, rather than just copy the design. When I saw her post I SCREAMED WITH DELIGHT thought, "Lucky me!" The only problem was.... have you guessed yet?... that it was in English. Lol. So, I took it upon myself to translate it AND, with her permission, post it to share with you all. =)

Click on the Document Below to Download the Pattern Block Activity Sheet in SPanish

Click the image below to get the patterns as well as the Original English Version of this activity from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten =)


  1. Karla,

    Always so excited to find more bilingual teachers! Love pooling ideas and resources! Sharing is caring right?! I am your newest followers- head on over to my blog for some idea swappin if ya'd like as well!

    The Second Grade Superkids

    1. Hi, Krista! Thanks for becoming a follower! Bilingual and Dual Language teachers must stick together! Lol. I absolutely love your blog. You have some AMAZING ideas! =) Thank you again!

  2. Hi!

    Thank you for this resource! It is great to hear other bilingual teachers input. :)Thanks again !