Teaching in Spanglish

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My First Upload!!! =)

I can't believe how much I have underestimated my little ones this year. I taught 3rd grade bilingual before and some of the assessments I've used in my classroom have been a little over their heads; this year as a 1st grade bilingual teacher I thought, "there is no way these kids will be able to use an Exit Slip at they end of every day".... well, guess what!? They CAN!!!!! Can you hear the Angels sing?! OMG!!! I'm excited!
So here's a brief explanation of what we do.
1) At the end of every day, I give my students the sheet listed below titled, "Que Aprendiste Hoy?" which basically means, "what did you learn today?"
2) On it, they write 1 thing they learned throughout the day (it could be ANYTHING!).
3) Then, we hole punch it and put it in our "Mi Aprendizaje Folder".
So simple, right?! The folder will be a great way for them to see how many things are in their schema by the end of the year and how much their writing has changed throughout our time together.
By January, I will increase it to two things, and by April, 3 things. The sheet itself isn't as amazing as some of the work I've seen on other teacher blog sites, BUT it is one of those things that WORKS. Hope it becomes as useful to you as it has for me.

Que Aprendiste Hoy?


Thursday, October 6, 2011


OK, so here I am at home, on my two week intersession (Yes, ladies and gents, I get two weeks "off" from my teaching duties! Heck yeah!), deciding what to write on my FIRST POST EVER.... Should I be witty? Charming? A sweetheart like Sammi (I know you guys watch Jersey Shore; don't pretend you don't)? I guess I'll be all of the above... my regular self. Lol.
Being that this is my first post ever, I'll just give you a brief description about what I'm all about. I'm a Spanglish (my word for bilingual) teacher in Chicago. After teaching 3rd grade Bilingual for 3 years, I decided to take a PLUNGE into 1st grade bilingual (I don't know what I was thinking!). I never realized how much I underestimated the primary grades until I got my own set of NEEDY munchkins. =) Kudos to all the teachers out there that have done this year after year... I now bow to you as though you were Egyptian Queens because HOLY MOLY, teaching first grade is TOUGH! Thank God for a year round calendar because there's NO WAY, I would have kept my sanity much longer. Today is day 4 of my time off (not including Saturday and Sunday) and after stalking a few teaching blogs (I confess: I'm a blog stalker! Eeek!) I feel a bit refreshed and ready to go back to work (OK, I just lied, I don't think I'll be ready to go back until I officially have to, but if I had to go back today, I think I'd be OK for a few DAYS [does that make me a terrible teacher?]).
 Please join me on my wonderful journey of self, blog, and teaching discoveries...
Oh, and please forgive my typos and grammatical errors; I write what I'm thinking exactly the way I'm thinking it and because of that I mess up... A LOT! =)